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Driving in Virtual Reality

The High-End Sim Racing Wheel & Pedals for Everyone

An uncompromising Direct Drive wheel with an honest price tag. Enjoy the ultimate virtual driving with Driving in Virtual Reality — the affordable, professional-grade, direct drive force feedback racing wheel & pedals.

Direct Drive is the best racing wheels currently have to offer. It’s what the professional and enthusiast racers all use. It means the wheel’s been attached directly to the motor, cutting out the belt-drive and operating with unparalleled force, speed, and precision. It’s more accurate and packs a lot more torque. It simply feels like you’re holding an actual racing wheel.

The less expensive sim racing wheels on the market today all use gear-drive or belt-drive systems. These get the job done, but there’s an obvious loss of fidelity, speed, and control.

Direct drive has no downsides like speed reduction and cogging torque present in conventional systems.  

Take a quick look at our tests below that compare the Driving in Virtual Reality wheel with one of the most popular (and similarly priced) consumer wheels on the market.


Unlimited rotation angle:

Gear driven (left) vs Direct Drive (right) force feedback

Rotation speed test:

Max rotation angle between 180° and 5400°

Direct drive steering systems are generally used in professional racing/training simulators which cost a lot. So we didn’t invent the system, we've redesigned it to make it better and more affordable. It’s always been priced in the thousands of dollars. Until now.